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Administrative Staff


Patricia "Pepper" Alva - President

Mrs. Alva received her education at Trenton State College majoring in Communications. 

Mrs. Alva has had many varied and challenging experiences which have contributed to her ability to provide services with compassion, multicultural sensitivity, and openness. Mrs. Alva is a natural leader spending time mentoring high school students teaching them about real life experiences and the power of positive thinking. 

Mrs. Alva comes to PNS with a wealth of administrative and clinical care experience having worked In the private sector in major companies such as Jenny Craig and Astra Zeneca. 

Her approach to business management reflects an emphasis on humanistic and interpersonal principles which integrates a cultural and social context. 

Her business acumen includes work with individuals, small and large businesses as well as multi-national corporations. 

Mrs. Alva´s broad experience working with businesses from diverse backgrounds in a variety of settings has made her sensitive to the corporate as well as the personal needs of others. 

She is able to balance the need for appropriate business practice with the compassion and approachability necessary to approach individuals. 


Rachel Ramirez - Practice Manager

Mrs. Rachel Ramirez is part of the PNS team since 2017. She has been an important asset to the company growth in recent years. She has broad experience in the management of Rehabilitation Facilities, and Medical Offices. Additionally, has contributed creating and applying new processes that are essential at PNS for the comfort and care of our patients. 

Moreover, Mrs. Rachel Ramirez has high standards in patient´s service, expecting always the best effort from all the PNS team when our services are provided. Also, Mrs. Rachel Ramirez is cordial and respectful with patients, caregivers, and staff, being two remarkable qualities of her patient-centered work ethic. 

During the last years, she has shown a bold character, great communication and leadership skills, intuition, great adaptive response to changes, and always has been interested in the individual development of the staff. She has promoted multiple strategies to generate a better work environment for the PNS team, which in turn translates into better patient care. 

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  • Patricia Pepper Alva
    Patricia Alva
    COO, CFO
  • Rachel  Ramirez
    Rachel Ramirez
    Practice Manager
  • Celia  Lockhart
    Celia Lockhart
    Director of Regional Operations