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The highs and lows of bipolar disorder affect as many as 5.7 million American adults. Managing these symptoms without proper help can become overwhelming, but the team at Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists can help. At their offices in Orange County, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, and Orange, California, the skilled providers offer on-site diagnostics and treatments for both the manic and depressive episodes associated with bipolar disorder. Find out more about treating bipolar symptoms by calling the office nearest you today.

Bipolar Disorder Q & A

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a condition that causes significant changes in mood, typically involving periods of extreme highs followed by episodes of extreme lows.

These mood shifts can have a serious impact on your overall quality of life and your ability to maintain a job or go about your daily tasks.

What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

During the manic (extreme high) phase of a bipolar episode, you may have a lot of energy and often feel jumpy or anxious. Even though you’re feeling good, you may still experience frequent irritability or become easily agitated.

In the depressive (extreme low) phases of a bipolar episode, you may experience symptoms like:

  • Extreme sadness
  • Lack of energy
  • Difficulties sleeping
  • Loss of interest in activities

You can also experience suicidal thoughts or perform acts of self-harm during the depressive stage.

How is bipolar disorder diagnosed?

Your Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists team evaluates your symptoms and their severity to determine if they relate to a bipolar disorder or another condition, including underlying health issues.

If your provider determines that you have bipolar disorder, they create a custom treatment plan to reduce the severity of both your manic and depressive episodes.

What treatments are available for bipolar disorder?

Treating bipolar disorder may involve a combination of treatments, including talk therapy and medications to balance your moods. This type of condition requires lifelong treatment, even if medications help you feel better.

If you experience manifestations of bipolar phases, such as aggressive behavior or attempts at self-harm, your provider may recommend inpatient treatment, such as hospitalization or residential treatment to help you stay in control of your disorder.

The team offers comprehensive resources to help you manage your highs and lows effectively and reduce your risk for a worsening of your condition. They can refer you for inpatient treatment in a hospital or residential setting and continue to coordinate your care during treatment and after your discharge.

If you have difficulties managing symptoms of bipolar disorder, rely on the expertise of the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists team. You can schedule a consultation by calling the office nearest you.