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When medications for depression, anxiety, or psychosis aren’t giving you the results you want, the team at Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists can help. At their offices in Orange County, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, and Orange, California, the skilled physicians offer in-office genetic testing to better understand what medications may work for you. If you’re struggling to find the right treatment for your psychiatric condition, schedule a consultation by phone today to learn more about the benefits of genetic testing.

Genetic Testing Q & A

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a medical test that evaluates your genome sequences to identify changes that indicate your risk for certain genetic conditions. Genetic testing can also rule out the likelihood you’ll develop certain conditions.

In psychiatry, genetic testing can help those with severe anxiety, depression, or psychosis when conventional treatment isn’t working. Testing provides answers about how your body may respond to certain medications, increasing your chances of finding a successful treatment without a lot of trial and error.

Genetic testing can help you avoid negative side effects of certain drugs to prevent additional psychiatric complications.

What is involved in genetic testing?

The Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists medical team evaluates two main factors of your genetic background – pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Pharmacokinetics describes how your body metabolizes medications to help your provider understand the right dosage of a certain medication you need for treatment.

Pharmacodynamics can help your provider discover what medications will do to your body.

Both of these testing aspects are important for finding the right medication and dosage for your treatment. Testing can be done on your blood or on samples of:

  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Saliva

At Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists, the testing is performed on-site for your convenience. If you’re taking more than one medication, you may need a series of tests.

Is genetic testing right for me?

Genetic testing can’t help diagnose a psychiatric disorder, so it won’t be involved in your initial treatment. However, if you’re trying multiple medications for depression, anxiety, or psychosis without success, the team may recommend genetic testing as your treatment progresses.

Testing your genetic background may be most beneficial when you aren’t responding to treatment over time or if certain medications produce unexpected side effects.

After a thorough evaluation of your existing health, personal and family medical history, treatment history, and the severity of your symptoms, your provider can determine if genetic testing is a good option for your situation.

Find out more about the benefits of genetic testing for finding the right medications and dosages by calling Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists today or by requesting a consultation online now.