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Managing medications properly is important for ensuring your treatment is successful. At Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists, with offices in Orange County, Costa Mesa, Orange, Dana Point, and Huntington Beach, California, the skilled team offers medication management services to keep you on track. In addition to monitoring your use of psychiatric medications, the team also evaluates the effectiveness of supplements and other prescription medications based on your overall health. Learn more about medication management services today by calling the office nearest you today.

Medication Management Q & A

What is involved in medication management?

When your provider prescribes a medication to treat a psychiatric disorder, you can also expect comprehensive medication management services to ensure your good health and safety.

People react differently to the many different psychiatric medications used in treatment, and through medication management, your provider monitors these reactions and the progress of your treatment.

Medication management also takes into consideration how everyday vitamins, over-the-counter pain relievers, and other prescription medications may interact with your new psychiatric medications.

What can I expect during my initial medication evaluation?

During your initial consultation for mediation management services, your Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists provider discusses all the medications you take, including daily supplements and vitamins.

It’s important that you bring a list of all medications and supplements you take, your schedule for taking the medications, and the dosage of each. This ensures that your provider has all of the detailed information necessary to manage your medications successfully.

What are the benefits of medication management?

Taking multiple medications at the same time can become confusing. To ensure you’re taking medications as prescribed and on a regular schedule, the medical team can review your medicines and simplify your medication schedule.

When taking any medications, including psychiatric drugs, it’s vital that you take the right dosage at the same time each day. Skipping doses of your medication can result in withdrawal symptoms and unwanted side effects that can interfere with the progress of your treatment.

Your provider at Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists can also recommend the right time to stop a medication if you’re experiencing side effects. If the therapy isn’t working, you should speak with your provider right away, but never stop a medicine on your own without medical supervision.

Another benefit of medication management is ensuring that the medications you take are necessary for your treatment. By evaluating all of the medicines on your daily schedule, your doctor can determine if certain supplements and prescription drugs are no longer needed or if the dosage needs to be changed.

If you’re taking more than one medication, consider the many benefits of medication management services available at Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists. You can schedule a personal consultation today by calling the office.